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Vault Structures Inc.’s vaults and related products provide banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other commercial businesses with state-of-the-art security measures to protect their assets. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality, competitively priced security equipment for the security industry worldwide. Products range from custom high-security blast panels and U.L.-listed modular vault panels and vault doors, to safes, lockers and safe deposit boxes.


Our modern facilities in New Jersey and Southwest Florida provide easy access to the growing markets in the U.S., South America, the Caribbean and worldwide. Take a look at our product information and literature sections for details about all of our security solutions for your business. Then contact us and we’ll help you decide which products best suit your needs.

A Little About Us

Vault Structures Providing Security Products and Services Since 1970s


VSI was first organized as Bank Vault Structures, Inc. in 1987, coinciding with Underwriters Laboratories’ regulation of modular vault panels. The company’s initial product was the Vision (lightweight) modular vault panel. Shortly after that, VSI designed and manufactured the Aegvs (traditional) modular vault panel. Finally, the Thor Vault Door was created to provide customers with a turnkey vault system.


Recognizing that the use of vaults was not limited to financial institutions, VSI shortened its name to Vault Structures, Inc. This allowed the company to broaden its market and appeal to those in the pharmaceutical and commercial industries, including military and residential markets. Today the company’s revenue stream is split approximately 50/50 between the banking industry and other applications.


Over time, the company developed aligned security products including U.L.–rated safes (TL-15 and TL-30), cash lockers, and safe deposit boxes. Additionally, we have enhanced our product line by creating the Hercvlite (lighter and thinner) modular vault panel. Our proudest moment was the unveiling of the VSI-360, a UL Class III rated Round Vault Door. This is the first round vault door manufactured in the U.S. in approximately 70 years and the first round vault door to be certified by Underwriters Laboratories.


While our name remains Vault Structures, Inc. we prefer VSI to reflect our product mix. In 2014, we adapted our current logo to depict our VSI-360 door as the world. We feel our new brand image signifies our relationships with not only those in North America, but also with those located in South America, Australia and Europe. In each of the last several years our international revenue has accounted for between 25 to 30 percent of our total revenue.


VSI Team


We take great pride in our Vault Structures Inc. family. Over the years, VSI has strived to employ a well-rounded team to assist with daily operations and carry out our overall mission. Well over 50 percent of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years, and have successfully worked their way up in the corporate structure. Our recruitment efforts generally revolve around our current employees who recommend friends and family members. We believe this reflects positively on the nature of our relationship and helps maintain a cohesive work environment.

We are humbled by the response to our contribution to the Smithsonian's Gallery of Numismatics:

Vault Structures Inc.’s Corporate Responsibilities

In an effort to embrace environmental stewardship, VSI has begun to use a new formulation of paint for many of our products. Recognizing the benefits of LEED green-building leadership, we have searched to find a coating that satisfies both our requirements and our customers’ requirements while remaining economically viable. We are introducing a waterborne paint for our equipment, which offers several advantages, including quicker recoat times and water cleanup. Additionally, waste is minimized because unused paint can be poured back into the container for later use as it is not “activated.”


The benefit of this waterborne paint outside the factory lies with exceptionally low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) and decreased odor. LEED calls for decreased VOCs to 250 g/l, and with this new process we have decreased our paint VOCs by 83 percent over the old process. Plus, the new process is less than one half the maximum as outlined in the LEED manual (4/14/2010) using the "GreenSeal GF -03 2nd EP 1997.” In addition, the eluent material is benign and used in extremely low quantities, making it easy to dispose of properly.

Environmental Sustainability:

Protecting the environment and the resulting benefits to the health of the planet are important values to us. That’s why we are committed to business practices that place a high value on conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner.


Responsible Procurement Guidelines:

Vault Structures Inc. wherever possible sources products and services that safeguard human rights, ethics and the environment, and buy them from suppliers that have responsible policies and practices in these areas. VSI is committed to adhering to the following practices and policies:

  • Corporate responsibility performance
  • Health and safety policies and performance
  • Human rights and labor practices, including child or forced labor
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Code of conduct, ethics, anti-bribery, anti-corruption
  • Environmental sustainability efforts
  • Freedom of Association

All VSI Products are DRC Conflict-Free!

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