Vaulting Security to New Levels

VSI Security Lockers


  • VSI standard vault lockers are designed to match conventional teller lockers and modular ABC lockers.
  • Units are modular in design with a standard width of 32-5/8 inches and a standard depth of 24 inches. Short depth lockers are available as well.
  • Options include various locks, shelves and bases.



  • Units are constructed using 12-gauge galvanized steel which is rust-free.
  • The unit case is painted black.
  • Doors are available in stainless steel clad, brushed aluminum or painted steel.
  • Hinges are available in black and bronze.
  • For doors less than 6 inches, single nose cam-style key locks are standard
  • For larger doors, mechanical group 2 locks are standard.
  • All compartments larger than 12 inches are equipped for an adjustable shelf.


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