Vaulting Security to New Levels

VSI Safe Deposit Boxes

VSI Safe Deposit Boxes are a leap forward into the 21st century.

The Financial industry has made it clear that security is major concern however lower costs are paramount. This has forced many in our industry to rely on making do with old technologies and older ideas to try to meet these conflicting needs while competing with the imports from the Far East.

VSI has been able to stand back and take a fresh look at 21st century materials versus 19th and 20th century materials. We were also able to secure the best design software and equipment to design and build Safe Deposit Boxes.

VSI has designed and built every piece and part of the nest so it fits together. VSI uses light materials but the end product is extremely solid. The hinges and major structural members are aluminum while the casing is galvanized steel. The nesting rows and verticals are all interconnected with steel rods. The nests are designed to nest into each other for easy stacking.

The doors are a composite "plastic" just like your car bumper that protects you daily. The competition will use the word "plastic" like it's a dirty word but it isn't. Tests have shown the composite to be extremely strong. When hit with a sledgehammer, the door is driven into the opening as the composite flexes, making any attempt to get to the bond box impossible. When this was done on a popular competitor's die cast box door the door shattered!

VSI offers four different styles, USA series, AMERICAN Series, NATIONAL Series and STERLING Series.

The USA series are a very close match to most of the stainless steel clad safe deposit boxes on the market today and the "standard" number plate is a close match to the Diebold number plate. Others are available. There are actually six different ways to place numbers on these doors. The standard lock is a U.L. listed double small nose lock. Optional key changeable small double nose and a single nose lock are available.

The American Series is a very close match in appearance to the old Mosler series of Safe Deposit Boxes with a black border surrounding stainless steel on the door and the frame of the case in black.

USA Series




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