Vaulting Security to New Levels

Safes with Interiors


A safe is sold as an empty “box” that may be used for many purposes by the end user. It may be used as a receiving unit for night deposits by adding a Night Deposit Head to the “box,” for example. Or it may be used to store Safe Deposit Boxes in a small branch office. The safe may also be used to store other valuables in locked compartments of various sizes.


These “options” may be added to any VSI safe by combining various products to provide either a “stock” or “custom” solution.

For the “stock” solution, we would direct you to the selection on TL15 Safes with Built-in Interior, or to our modular lockers and Safe Deposit Boxes that will fit into various "stock” safes. If your needs include a Night Depository Head as well, this can be added to either a standard or custom safe.


For the “custom” solution, we suggest you contact us at our factory and provide a sketch of what you want. Or if you are a current dealer, you can use the online pricing program Product Quotes, and select the custom locker and custom safe programs to compute your needs if you are adventurous.

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