Vaulting Security to New Levels


Round Vault Doors


VSI is re-introducing the beloved Round Vault Door, long the world symbol for security. The styling and workmanship of the early 20th Century has returned with increased security, lower overall weight and the features required today for personal safety.


With the advancements in metallurgy and composite materials over the last century, VSI has designed the door to meet a U.L. Class III rating with the use of Hercvlite, modern day metals, a superior locking system and a flat-sill entry. In addition, an emergency inside release is offered as required in the world market.


Vault Door Barrier Material

Unlike the early 20th Century doors where a mass of ore was the deterrent for burglary protection, the VSI door relies on U.L.-tested and VSI-designed 8-inch thick Hercvlite material for the barrier. This effectively provides a barrier to meet the tools of today that are far superior to the tools of the early 20th Century. Also, Hercvlite greatly reduces the weight.



Locking System

The door is securely locked with 24 three-inch highly polished locking bolts and multiple re-lockers.


The bolts are piston driven from the central locking system, which is opened by simply turning the ship handle after disengaging the re-lockers by turning the primary wheel 1/4 turn.


The central locking system is controlled by the combination lock(s), two are standard however a third is optional. These locks can be set so either lock will open the door or set so both locks are required.


The time of opening is controlled with a three-movement time lock, either mechanical or optional electronic.


The locking system is fully protected by a glass barrier that would break if attacked. Once broken, there are multiple re-locking devices that would simply lock up the system. All re-lockers would have to be eliminated separately to open the door. This would require separate attacks on the Hercvlite barrier material.


Emergency Ventilator

In the event a person is trapped inside a locked vault, an emergency ventilator and pass-through for life-support essentials are provided.


Day Lock

A day lock is provided so the bolts may be locked in the open position when the door is open. This will avoid any potential for employees to be locked in the vault. This also eliminates any potential damage to the door finishes made when closing the door with the bolts extended.


Inside Release

An inside emergency release is an option normally required in the worldwide market. This uniquely designed device releases the time locks, disengages the combination locks and allows the person trapped inside to open the door. The door can then be relocked from the outside.


Flat Sill

Unlike the early 20th Century doors, the massive “bridges” have been eliminated in the VSI design and a flat sill has been incorporated. This greatly reduces the physical requirements for the people responsible for opening and closing the door as well as complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Customer Access

The locking system is secured behind a glass back on the door, allowing customers to view the intricate locking system’s multiple gears and massive locks.


This is the heart of the door as it is seen by all when open and is a centerpiece. A separate access door is also provided to access the time locks, locks and emergency release.



Standard finishes are a combination of stainless steel, highly polished aluminum, black and gold.


Clear Opening

The clear opening is 84 inches.


Day Gate

The day gate is a mechanical sliding gate covering the entire opening. This may be set up with an electrical assist, and also equipped with an electronic locking system.


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