Vaulting Security to New Levels

Hercvlite Vault Panels

The Hercvlite vault panel is one that you will only find at VSI. The vault panel has a similar finish to the concrete vault panel, but fosters the concept of the lightweight vault panel. These scientific engineered vault panels are fabricated out of Ultra High Performance Concrete. An entirely different approach is used for this mixture with the use of special cement that is a reactive powder. This is mixed with graded manufactured sand, ultra-strength graded aggregate, high-performance organic rheologic modifiers (ORM), a special blend of fibers and a little water. As the water content is extremely low there are only very small voids. The molecular connectivity enhanced by the ORM binds the mixture together creating an ultra-hard, cohesive durable product.


Although compressive strength (PSI) is only one factor to be considered concerning security of the panels, HPC concrete (our standard concrete panels) is three to four times greater than regular concrete (construction concrete) and UHPC (Hercvlite) is 2 1/2 to 3 times greater than HPC.  The vault panels are designed to fit together with a minimum gap not normally found in competitive products attributable to the ship lap concept for piecing each panel together.


This advantage allows VSI to manufacture a concrete panel that is significantly thinner than both the standard concrete and lightweight vault panels. The weight per square foot is less than the standard concrete vault panel and should also be considered for a modular vault that needs to be installed in a multi-story building.



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