Vaulting Security to New Levels

Night Depositories

VSI's Night depository Head is a UL listed device designed to receive both envelopes and bags from customers who either "walk-up" or drive-up to the unit.


It is important to note that "walk-up" is designed to meet to height restrictions to the handle of the unit. These are 48" and 54" and are determined by the A.D.A . (Americans with Disability Act). The drive-up height to the handle, from the drive (where the wheels of the vehicle are) is 48".


Please note that because of the height restriction on the head location, increasing the height of the chest will not increase the number of bags a chest will receive by the depository at any time.


Please also note, that the bags will fall and slide in a pattern but only so far, so making a receiving safe extra wide and extra deep may not achieve the desired results and increase the capacity to any great extent. The only benefit might be you have a bigger, more expensive safe for a few more bags.


Please don't match head keys with that of other Branches in your system, if everyone starts to use one branch we will have to sell you more depositories and you don't have any place for them,: we know you haven't planned for this.


The Night Depository Head is equipped with an envelope holder, a lighted sign and a built-in shelf for the customer to use. Please keep envelopes there for them.


Make sure your Architect puts a spotlight on the Depository at night and it sure doesn't hurt to have the area under surveillance nowadays!


Night Depository Heads

Combination Units

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