Vaulting Security to New Levels

Aegvs Concrete Modular Vault Panels

All VSI panels have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) to meet the standards set under U.L. Safety Standards, U.L. 608. Underwriters Laboratories verifies that these standards are adhered to by periodic inspections of the manufacturing facilities. These standards require retesting for each class every seven years, which allows U.L. to constantly increase and improve testing methods to meet the latest technological advances.


VSI’s manufacturing methods ensure that each panel and component meets the strict requirements of U.L. One requirement is that all metal exposed to oxygen must be painted or coated on all sides or edges to ensure the metal does not pit or decay. VSI uses only electrostatic coated metals, and coats all welds. This process ensures this requirement is always met. In addition, regular VSI testing of the proprietary security mix is performed.


  • The panels are a combination of various concrete products and security fibers and are enclosed in galvanized metal frame to allow welding of the panel to form walls, ceiling and floors.
  • Welds are made at the job site to meet U.L. installation requirements, which includes covering all welds with a non-corrosive paint.
  • Caulking material may be used to provide a smooth transition between panels.
  • Panels are sized to meet the specific job requirements.
  • VSI recommends general contractors apply a finish to both sides of the completed vault. This finish could be a choice of materials, including drywall, paint or wallpaper.
  • Both sides of the panel are a nominally smooth concrete finish, and the surface is ideal for drywall adhesive or a wallpaper liner.
  • The sides of the panel are framed, smooth concrete surface.
  • The metal frame allows for the attaching of “hat channels” to install drywall.
  • Panels are designed to fit together with a minimum of gap not normally found in competitive products.
  • The application of drywall and other wall finishes can save time, money and space.
  • Normal installation requires a smooth and level surface.
  • The use of shims is recommended to correct any imperfections in the floor level.
  • Each wall panel has a built in lifting anchor for installation purposes.
  • When computing the square footage of the panels, it is important to note that the outside dimensions are used.



Steel Plate

This is used to create a floor for five sided panel vaults.

Materials are pre-cut and numbered for installation.

Steel plate does not carry any U.L. rating and could compromise the integrity of the vaults.


When computing steel plate for a floor, please provide for panels to sit on and be fastened to the plate.


Support Beams

Access and installation restrictions normally limit the maximum length of panels to 13 feet, regardless of class.

To accommodate these restrictions, the standard maximum length of panels is set at 13 feet and an I-beam is required for spans exceeding 13 feet.

Modular support walls support the I-beam, and the panels are inserted into the beam channel and welded.


Please contact engineering if your needs require longer panels.


Support Columns

When a vault requires beams that exceed 24 feet, a support column is sometimes required. VSI recommends cambering of the beams.


No Column Support

This optional method allows for support beams to be of any length.


Overall ceiling height is the only restriction, as the size of the I-beam increases.


Verify with VSI engineering staff prior to quoting.


Column Wrap

Some installations require the vault to be located in an area where an existing building support column is located. It is possible to incorporate the existing column into the vault, however to maintain security levels, it is recommended that these columns are encased, using vault panels with the same rating as the walls.


An alternative is to wrap the column in steel plate welded together and to the vault ceiling and floor.


Steel plate does not carry any U.L. rating and could compromise the integrity of the vaults.


Installations Supply Package

This package included three sizes of shims, appropriate anchors and caulking.


In the event VSI performs the installation, these items are included in the installation charge.


Lifting Bolt

This device is used to facilitate installations and is reusable.


It is fastened to the end of each panel in connections provided.


Vent Ports

All VSI vent ports have been tested by U.L. to meet the standards set under Standard for Safety U.L. 680. U.L. verifies that these standards are adhered to by periodic inspections of the manufacturing facilities.


The vent ports are incorporated into a special panel to facilitate the Heating/Air Conditioning Contractor. Vent Ports can be sized for airflow from 4" x 16" to 4" x 36". This adjustability should result in cost savings through the reduction in the use of ductwork.


Provision is made to allow for the attachment of HVAC vents without jeopardizing the vault security.


Angle Iron

Angle iron is required on all five sided vaults.

The angle is secured to the vault floor and the panels are secured to it.


Angle iron may be eliminated if the contractor embeds steel in the slab to allow the panels to be anchored.


Conduit Access

Each vault is equipped with six conduit connections for the electrical and alarm contractor.


Additional conduit connections are available.

These are installed in accordance with U.L. specifications.


Sprinkler Access

When required by local code, sprinkler access may be provided.


In accordance with U.L. specifications, these are limited to 1 1/4" ID and 1 1/2" OD.


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